Red LED Clearance Light - Snap lock PC Rated

1.00 (in)
1.00 (in)
1.00 (in)

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Product Overview


Length: 2 1/2"
Width: 1 1/4"
Height: 1 1/8"

The Badger Components line of trailer LED Trailer Lights are easy to install. It is PC rated, which means that the light is able to be seen at a full 90 degree angle, which makes it more effective marker light. LED trailer lights respond instantly and are visible from a further distance than the traditional incandescent bulb providing a safer ride for your and the vehicle behind you. LED lights consume 10 times less power, provide longer life, and provide optimal visibility. The LED trailer light is a spectacular upgrade to perform with minimal cost.

Warranty Information

Badger provides 12 months warranty coverage since date code on all products; except 24 months for headlamps against defects in materials, components and workmanship. There is no implied coverage or express for any other costs, such as labor costs, travel, incidentals and collateral damage. The following situations are not covered by warranty: -Human made damage-Modifications and alterations-Improper installation-Chemical Exposure-Voltage spikes, transients and over-voltage over state specifications. If there is ever a situation where a warranty may not cover, it can be discussed between Badger Components and the customer.